Claridge Capital formed out of Wellstone Partners in 2011, following a Corporate Finance concept that seeks to embrace ‘Special Opportunities’. It is a unique service operating out of Mayfair, London’s financial heartland. Claridge Capital provide vital advisory and corporate development services to both private companies and investors seeking to navigate increasingly tough market conditions, and take advantage of the Special Opportunities that these can provide.

We feel that the future is full of potential for companies, entrepreneurs and investors. Joseph Schumpeter would have doubtless agreed that 2012 offers a new beginning; he espoused the necessity for ‘Creative Destruction’, that the old ways of achieving business success are being turned on their head, daily. We constantly innovate to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Claridge Capital is focussed on the future, on new markets and new market philosophies such as Social Enterprise. It advises on capital solutions for companies and investors active in disruptive technology, innovation and development - the essential drivers of capitalism. We are alert to the new era’s global risk profiles, so whilst advising on transactions providing high returns, our core competence is focused on containing risks.