Strategic Advisory
We believe that business and strategy review is the essential planning tool. We deploy our core team as well as a wider network of partners including specialists in accounting, tax, insurance and specific industry specialists as required.  We will propose direct ‘results-driven’ solutions, not simply explain problems. These may include new business concepts, new joint venture partners, strategic suppliers and key people.  We typically prepare all necessary documentation in close co-operation with our clients.

Corporate Finance
We have expertise in implementing solutions to meet our clients’ corporate needs. This includes working with legal and tax advisors on structures which can mitigate risks to assets, including intellectual property. Our consultancy services seek to minimise equity dilution to current shareholders.

Investment Mediation
We enable access to an investor network including angel finance, venture capital & debt, family offices/multiple family offices, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and banks. Claridge Capital is an Approved Provider for the UK government’s £10million Investment and Contract Readiness Fund specifically set up to enable social enterprises to become investment ready and thereby access investment funding of £500,000 plus. We can help social enterprises apply for between £50,000 and £150,000 of ICRF grant funding. For further details please visit the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund.