Business Activities
We concentrate on ‘Special Situations’ –deals that tend to be exciting or challenging but where the rewards are potentially highest:
• Event-Driven ‘Special’ Opportunities
• Emerging & Frontier Markets
• Distress & Recovery
• Cutting Edge Technologies
• Social Enterprise Projects

Sectors and Geography
We work to assist both our retained clients and those who are seeking or about to instruct us. They are involved in basic resources (specifically in mining, oil & gas support services and agribusiness), renewable energy, technology development, property, media, retail, fashion and leisure. Our expertise lies in presenting potential average-to-high return opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. These also have concurrent levels of risk; our expertise lies in understanding and managing that risk.

We help clients based in the UK, the Far East, Europe and the Frontier markets who seek to align business activities with current and developing market dynamics. We are able to connect our clients to investors who understand and wholeheartedly embrace this proposition.

Size and type of deals
We provide our consultancy services to smaller companies and investors seeking single investments of less than £10m, or deal sizes of between £500k and £50m. Our typical client profile includes those seeking to raise early–stage capital, execute cross-border emerging market deals, generate asset-backed financing, finance the pre-IPO phase, raise growth equity or receive advice on business turnarounds.

As an Approved Provider for a £10 million government fund for social enterprises, Claridge Capital seeks to work with social enterprises that:
• Are based on a robust, scaleable business model
• Can provide compelling evidence of their social impact
• Are capable of delivering near-to-market financial returns.

Fee structure
Claridge Capital agrees Engagement Letters with all clients having conducted appropriate due diligence an relevant ‘Know your Client’ procedures. This formally sets out in detail the Scope of Work, Objectives and Fee Structures. Claridge Capital only entertains briefs which involve payments of retainers by clients during the period of our work.

Because we practice what we preach, we offer a reduced fee structure to our social enterprise clients. Social enterprise clients do not pay a retainer but are expected to pay a small, part-refundable Mobilisation Fee upon signing with Claridge Capital.